Check out These 7 Unexpected Uses for Incognito Mode

Check out These 7 Unexpected Uses for Incognito Mode

Brightside is at it again with another inspiring video on 7 Unexpected Uses for Incognito Mode.

Without any delay Check out These 7 Unexpected Uses for Incognito Mode you might learn something new from this.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? You know, that little bit of uneasiness in the back of your mind that forces you to turn your head just to make sure.

Well if you spend time on the internet, that’s almost certainly true. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo make most of their money selling advertising space.

But advertisers don't like paying for ads that don't reach their customer base. So to solve this problem, search engines like to track their users. It’s understandable that some people don’t like the idea of being tracked.

For that reason, most browsers now feature an incognito mode to let you search without surveillance. Here are seven lesser-known reasons you might consider browsing incognito.


  1. Borrowing a Computer 1:14.
  2. Something that Looks Bad Out of Context 2:26.
  3. You’re Searching for Something Embarrassing 3:37.
  4. Controlling video suggestions 4:37.
  5. Using multiple accounts 5:28.
  6. You want to look like a fresh user 6:11
  7. Gift shopping 7:20.

Play and enjoy video for 7 Unexpected Uses for Incognito Mode below!

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