Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2022

Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans And Subscription Codes
Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans

In this post you will learn about the Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans And Subscription Codes in Nigeria. 

9Mobile (Etisalat) data plans are considered one of the most expensive in the country. There are a wide range of data plans available to 9moile subscribers depending on your budget.

One of the Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans is the Night Plan which offers 1GB night only data for the value of 200 Naira valid from 12 am to 5 am.

This plan is best suited for people who work late or download large files, to subscribe just dial *229*3*11# on your 9mobile SIM.

List of 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans And Subscription Codes

I have compiled a list of all available data plans on 9mobile. This way you can decide which one you want to subscribe to.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Daily and Weekly Data Plan

If you are a lightweight data user Etisalat offers a variety of daily data plans, they include:

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD Code 
 ₦50 25MB 24 hours  *229*3*8#
 ₦100 100MB 24 hours  *229*3*1#
 ₦200 250MB 7 days  *229*2*10#

9mobile daily and weekly plans are suitable for quick internet access when other networks are loading slowly, Or when you just need to access a webpage for a project or assignment.

Other 9mobile Data Plans 

 Price  Data Allowance   Validity  USSD Code
 ₦1000  2GB evening (7pm – 7am) and 24 hours weekend browsing 30 days *229*3*12#
 ₦2000 4.5GB 30 days *229*2*8#
 ₦2000 5GB evening (7pm – 7am) and 24 hours weekend browsing 30 days *229*3*13#

9Mobile (Etisalat) Monthly Data Plans

 Price Data Allowance   Validity  USSD Code
 ₦500 500MB 30 days *229*2*12#
 ₦1000  1.5GB 30 days *229*2*7#
 ₦1200 2GB 30 days *229*2*25#
 ₦1500 3GB 30 days *229*2*3#
 ₦2000 4.5GB 30 days *229*2*8#
 ₦4000 11GB 30 days *229*2*36#
 ₦5000 15GB 30 days  *229*2*37#
 ₦10,000 40GB 30 days  *229*4*1#
 ₦15000 75GB 30 days  *229*2*4#

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD Code
 ₦27,500  30GB 90 days *229*5*1# 
 ₦55,000 60GB 120 days *229*5*2#
 ₦65,000 100GB 30 days *229*4*5#
 ₦110,000  120GB 1-year *229*5*3#

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan Balance

You can check your 9mobile data plan balance by dialing *228# or by SMS send ‘Bal’ to 228.

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