How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

In this post I will be showing you how to buy and sell Bitcoin on Truexgold.

We all know bitcoin trading involves buying and selling of Bitcoins and according to Wikipedia, “Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.”.

Many Bitcoin traders always seek a very legitimate platform that can meet up to their trading needs, that's where TruexGold comes in.

Let's understand what TruexGold is all about.

What is TruexGold?

TruexGOLD is an E-currency Exchanger where you can easily buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planteofbets, and fifty other digital currencies to naira or other currencies. 

What is TruexGold

TruexGOLD is a Platform which have been around for over 8 years now, and was founded by Mr. Ogbaraegbe ikenna (CEO) on the 8th of september, 2011.

TruexGold CEO Mr. Ogbaraegbe ikenna who is an entreprenuer,binary wizard, philanthropist, husband and father is also known to be the founder of Isavedher.

Is TruexGold Legit?

Yes Truexgold is no doubt 100% legitimate, imagine a company with over 8 years of experience and no complaints have been recorded so far from it's buyers and sellers.

How do I sign up for TruexGold?

Signing up for TruexGold is very fast and easy. Infact, TruexGold can be said to be the easiest trading platform to sign up into in Nigeria.

To create an account:

1. Visit the TruexGold website by clicking here

2. Navigate to the top of the page and click sign up. 

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

3. While on the sign up page fill in the fields and click SIGN UP

And you are done with the registration here's how your dashboard looks like. 

Now, going forward you might come across the user verification box, here's what the verification process is about.

TruexGOLD allows KYC account verification, but you should note that this process is not compulsory. According to the platform, you can continue using TruexGOLD exchange services without the verification of your account but this will attract some limitations to transactions and account functions. For more information about user verification click here.

TruexGold User verification

how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold

Now that we are done with our registration let's take a look at how to trade bitcoins on TruexGold.

To buy and sell Bitcoin on TruexGold first from your dashboard click on bitcoin at the left hand corner of the screen and then click Naira to be redirected to the exchange page.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

Here's the look at the page you will be redirected to.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

While on the page, Complete all the fields and proceed to click “EXCHANGE” button. 

Confirm your entries on the next screen that shows up, accept the service terms and conditions and then proceed to click “CREATE ORDER”.

Pay for your order. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on truexGOLD, then click on “PAID” immediately after your payment is successful.

After this is done, the system will redirect you to the BID STATUS page, where you can monitor in real time the status of your order.


Now, thats How to buy and sell Bitcoin on, you can also refer to TruexGold Support page here for more information and feedback.

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