All You Need To Know About Glo Berekete Plan, Enjoy 700% Call and Data Bonuses

All You Need To Know About Glo Berekete Plan, Enjoy 700% Call and Data Bonuses

In this article you will learn All You Need To Know About Glo Berekete Plan, and Enjoy 700% Call and Data Bonuses.

Globacom have recently added a new tariff plan to it's of plans with a large amount of bonus both for calls and surfing the internet. 

What is Glo Berekete Plan?

The Glo Bereketeis a tariff Plan which is aimed at getting more bonuses across to Glo customers. This is currently a default plan on new Glo SIM cards, and Customers who have been on the Glo network for less than 4 months.

What Are The Benefit Of Glo Berekete Plan?

You might be wondering the types of benefits that awaits you on the Berekete Plan. Well, Glo promises a whopping 700 percent bonus on every recharge and this bonus can call all networks and browse the internet.

Let's take for example, if you recharge #100 Glo Airtime, you get:

700% extra bonus like #400 airtime bonus for all network calls

40MB (worth #300) data for browsing.

Making a total of #700 bonus in total without affecting your Main balance.

How Do I Migrate To Glo Berekete Plan?

As stated above, new customers are already on the tariff Plan but for those who want to change plans, switch to or activate Glo berekete plan.

You can do this by dialling the Glo Berekete code which is *230#.

How Can I Check My Glo Tariff Plan?

You can easily check your current tariff plan by dialling #100# on your Glo line.

How Do I Check my Glo Berekete Bonus Balance?

The airtime and data bonuses both have different methods of checking balances.

For glo berekete airtime bonus balance:

Dial 2301# on your glo line to know your glo berekete call bonus balance

For data balance on glo berekete:

Dial 1270# on your glo line to see your remaining data bonus balance.

Final words

Hope you have learnt All You Need To Know About Glo Berekete Plan. Also note that if you have an active data plan on your line the data will be paused until your current berekete bonus has been exhausted.

The Glo Berekete bonus has a validity period of 7 days for both calls and data.

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