How to Track Lost iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch Using Siri

How to Track Lost iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch Using Siri

Apple has has been one step ahead of other manufacturers with the here of its interactive virtual assistant known as Siri. In this article you will learn how to track a lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch with the help of Siri.

All over the world, people loose their devices because of different reasons but according to a guide which was shared on Apple's support page, users can now find their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch by just saying a few words to Siri.

According to Apple, the lost device must be connected to the Internet for Siri to locate the device instantly. In the case where the device is offline, Siri will only send a notification once it is connected to the Internet again.

How to Track Lost iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch Using Siri

Follow the steps below to track down your lost Apple device:

Note that this guide is for devices running iOS 14.

First, Summon Siri by using the voice command "Hey Siri" or by pressing the home button, side button, or the top button.

Ask Find My 'Device Name' (replace the 'Device Name' with the lost device's name such as iPhone or Apple Watch).

Siri will then show the location of the linked Devices on the map in the Find My app.

Additionally, Siri will also play a beeping sound on the lost device to make it easier to locate.

That's all, you can also check out how to track a lost or stolen Android device here.

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