How to Easily Take Screenshots on Windows and macOS Laptop

How to Easily Take Screenshots on Windows and macOS Laptop

In this guide you will learn how to Easily Take Screenshots on Windows and macOS Laptop.

If you are either a student or business who has been searching for a proper way to take screenshots on Windows or MacOs laptops, then this is what we will cover below.

For short, a screenshot or screen capture is a picture taken by a device to record the visible items displayed on the screen in detail. Just like when using a mobile phone, taking screenshots on a PC is a little bit similar and easy with just a couple of key combinations.

How to take a screenshot on a windows laptop

It is easier to take screenshots on newer versions of Windows like 7, 10 and the recently released Windows 11. There are basically different ways to take screenshots on Windows and you can use your preferred method to achieve the same goal of capturing your screen.

Method 1: Make Use of a Snipping Tool

The Windows operating system comes with a dedicated application known as ‘Snipping Tool’ which serves the purpose of capturing any screenshot on your PC. The app automatically takes a screenshot and saves it as an image file on your device.

Follow the steps below to take screenshots with Snipping tool on Windows:

  1. First, search for the Snipping Tool in your Windows search box, and open it.
  2. On the app, click on ‘New’ to capture a screenshot.
  3. Next, move the crosshairs from where you want to start the screenshot, then drag to select an area.
  4. Finally, click the ‘Save Snip’ icon to save the screenshot.

That's all. You can now view your screenshots from your PC.

Method 2: Making use of shortcut keys

You can easily capture a screenshot by using some Windows keyboard shortcuts. There are different key combinations for windows, Follow any of the steps below:

1. Press the Windows Key and the ‘PrtScn’ (PrintScreen) button together. (It is usually located in the top row near the function keys.) After clicking the key combination, a save box will appear, and you can save the image wherever you want with your preferred file name.

2. Press the ‘PrtScn’ button with the ‘Alt’ key to take a screenshot.

3. This third option is for those who would like to take a screenshot of a specific portion. Press Windows key+Shift+S

In the case where the screenshot is copied to the clipboard, search for “Paint” app on your Windows and paste it with crtl+v.

4. If you are a gamer who would like to take a screenshot of your game while playing, then press the Windows logo key + G. Then, click on the camera icon or press Windows key+Alt+PrtScn to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on macOS laptop

Just like windows, macOS laptops also have a variety of shortcuts to take a screenshot. Follow any of the steps below:

1. To capture the entire screen, press Command+Shift+3.

2. To capture a specific portion of the screen, press Command+Shift+4.

3. You can use Command+Shift+5 to easily capture a screenshot with the option of a free hand over the screenshot. You can press the ‘enter’ key or select, ‘Capture selected portion’ from the small panel below.

4. Finally, Command+Shift+6 which is only available for the MacBook version with a touch bar.

That's all. Your screenshots will automatically be saved on macOS laptops and stored by default.

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