How To View Unread Messages, Images and Videos In WhatsApp Without Opening The Chat

If you are one of the billion active users on WhatsApp who will like to view unread Messages, Images and Videos Without opening the chat, then you are on the right page.

Over the years, WhatsApp has grown up to become one of the most popular messaging app for internet users. The app comes with a few features like sharing of voice note, images and videos, and a few downsides like having to open a chat before viewing received pictures.

We have solved this problem in this guide which will allow you to view a message or photo or video in WhatsApp without even opening the chat.

How to view WhatsApp messages or photos without opening the chat on iPhone

Follow the steps below to view messages without even opening the chat.

  1. First, Open WhatsApp and stay on the home screen out of all chats.
  2. Press and hold on a particular chat and then click the 'More' option
  3. Find 'Export Chat' option
  4. Next, save to 'Files', you can select a folder you'll remember and save the file there.
  5. Finally go to the file location where you saved the exported chat and find the photo you were looking for.

How to view WhatsApp messages or photos without opening the chat on Android

This trick is available for Apple's iPhone devices at the mean time because Android users will have to view content the 'More' and 'Export Chat' options can be accessed.

There is still hope for Android users in future app updates, but as at the time of writing this article the WhatsApp privacy trick is only available for iPhone users.

You can decide to disable read recipient from settings by heading to Settings > Account > Privacy Option > Read Recipients.

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