6 iOS Apps to Create and Sell NFTs on iPhone

app to sell NFTs on iPhone

In this article, you will learn about some of the iOS apps you can use to create your own NFT on the iPhone.

You must have heard about NFTs through a friend or some online platform, which have sold for millions. A good example is the CryptoPunks Ethereum NFT which was sold for nearly $24M. Won't it be nice to learn how to create your own NFT directly on your iPhone? Who knows, you might be creating the next million dollar NFT.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are used to represent real-world artefacts like art, music, videos, and much more. These assets are bought and sold online, typically with cryptocurrency. There are iOS apps that can help you turn your NFT vision into reality.

These apps allow you to draw your own NFT art or even apply more amazing filters to your already existing art. You can check out this complete beginner's guide on how to mint NFTs on OpenSea. You will need to have NFT ready before you can start minting them for cash, so here are some iPhone apps where you can start creating.

6 Apps to Create and Sell NFTs on iPhone

it is important to note that some of these apps are free to use, but come with subscriptions or in-app purchases.

1. NFT Creator!

NFT Creator app to sell NFTs on iPhone

NFT Creator app allows anyone with no basic graphic design skills to create their own stunning art. The app comes with a very easy UI that is packed with tools that help you effortlessly create high-quality digital art.

The best part about NFT Creator is that it follows a layer-like system with features like opacity, masks, lighting, etc. that are similar to Photoshop. In the NFT Creator iOS app, you get a mix of over 1,000 solid and gradient backgrounds, 100+ art filters, brushes, 100+ crypto graphics, 1000+ fonts, and options to add your own personal photos.


Easy to use

Layer-like system like Photoshop

Wide variety of tools and assets


Only creates, can’t upload or sell

Download: NFT Creator Free (Comes with Subscription Plans)

2. GoArt

GoArt iPhone app to create NFT

GoArt is an amazing app with a lot of filters for those who already have an image or original artwork that just needs a little more TLC or spunk to match the mad creative NFTs making the rounds.

The app, which is regarded as the filter king for NFT, has different options from pointillism to brush strokes to Picasso.

However, there are some features besides filters, like crop, overlap, stickers, etc., that are missing from the app.


Wide variety of filters

The intensity of the filter can be easily adjusted.

Easy to use.


Limited freemium filters

No other editing features

Download: GoArt Free (In-app purchases)

3. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO app to sell NFTs on iPhone

The AI-powered NFT creator app allows users to create high-quality artwork effortlessly without having to do much work.

Although the app is not crypto or NFT-centric app, it is good for creating paintings or backgrounds for your NFTs.


Simple to use UI

Flawless painting in seconds

Generate multiple results

Completely free app


None yet

Download: Dream by WOMBO Free

4. SuperMe

SuperMe is an app which is designed to make cartoon avatars that you can mint to an NFT. If you are looking for a platform to create avatar-styled NFTs, then SuperMe is the way to go.

You have different options to customize your avatar’s hair, clothes, and facial expressions.

Download: SuperMe Free (In-app purchases available)

5. 8bit Painter

8bit Painter app to sell NFTs on iPhone

8bit Painter is an iOS app that allows you to create pixelated images that share some similarity with the CryptoPunks NFT. Most popular NFTs use the pixelated image style, which comes in sizes between 16x16 and 160x160.

With 8bit Painter, you can also import images from your phone and turn them into pixel art to create your own unique NFT.

Download: 8bit Painter Free (In-app purchases available)

6. NFT Creator NinjaFT

The NFT Creator NinjaFT is different from the NFT Creator! above. You can notice the punctuation mark difference in the names. The difference is that NFT Creator! helps you create stunning NFTs, while NFT Creator NinjaFT allows you to mint, browse, buy, and sell NFTs.

With NFT Creator NinjaFT, you can mint non-fungible tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and sell them on its NFT marketplace.


Quite an exhaustive app

Chance to win free NFTs

Create and share cards on any social network


UI is a bit crowded

Limited to ninja and sports-oriented markets

Download: NFT Creator Free (In-app purchases available)

How to Mint and Sell Your NFTs on iPhone

After creating your NFT, you will need to mint it before you can sell it on the NFT marketplace. Minting is a process whereby your digital art gets minted on a blockchain network, mainly Ethereum. We have created a complete beginner's guide on how to mint NFTs on OpenSea. All the information you will need to get started is provided in that article.

Aside from OpenSea, there are other reliable NFT marketplaces to mint and sell your items. Check out this list of 8 most popular NFT marketplaces to mint your own NFT.

Most of these apps are also available for free download on Android devices and PCs.

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