All You Need To Know About Cardless Withdrawal, Withdraw Money From Any Bank Without ATM Card

All You Need To Know About Cardless Withdrawal, Withdraw Money From Any Bank Without ATM Card

Technology has continued to bring some level of innovations to the finance industry, and one of such innovations is the introduction of Cardless Withdrawal which helps bank customers withdraw money from bank Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) Without a card.

A country like Nigeria which is still staying consistent in the use of technology in its banking system, has embraced this innovation and several banks have rolled out features that allow their customers to make use of the cardless withdrawal service.

What is a Cardless Withdrawal?

As the name implies, the cardless withdrawal system allows customers to withdraw cash with easily without an ATM Card. This means that customers will now be able to use their bank’s mobile app or pre-designed USSD codes on a Cardless Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to withdraw money conveniently.

Benefits of Cardless Withdrawal

This service will surely reduce the use of physical cards to perform ATM transactions. Other benefits of using the cardless withdrawal option can be found below:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Reduces ATM card fraud
  3. Security
  4. Fast

How to Make a Cardless withdrawal on any Bank ATM

Follow the steps below to learn how to perform cardless withdrawal transactions on any Bank’s ATM:

  1. First, Locate any Bank ATM
  2. Press “Enter” button on the ATM
  3. Then, find and select the “PayCode” option
  4. Enter “PayCode number” received on your mobile phone
  5. Enter “Cash-Out PIN Number” used for your Internet Banking transactions
  6. Enter “Amount” Please note that it should be the same as that which you requested on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking
  7. Press “Enter “ button to proceed
  8. Finally, Collect your Cash

ALAT Customers

You can use the ALAT app by WEMA bank to perform a cardless withdrawal, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your ALAT mobile app.
  2. From the menu click the ‘Send Money’ option and then click on ATM Card-less Transfer.
  3. Fill the field correctly and authenticate the transfer with your ALAT PIN to get a paycode by email.
  4. Now, go to any cardless-enabled or paycode-enabled ATM and press ENTER to clear the ATM screen.
  5. Select CashOut Paycode, type the reference number and the cashout PIN.
  6. Type the amount of money you wish to withdraw. Please note that it must be the same as that which you indicated on the app.

First Bank Customers

  1. Dial *848*Amount#
  2. Authenticate the transaction by inputting the details requested on the popup
  3. Input your preferred 4- digit one-time PIN then press send. (Be sure to write down your generated pin(OTP) This will be to your phone via email or text
  4. Locate the nearest First Bank Cardless enabled ATM then enter your personal PIN.
  5. Enter your 4-digit One time PIN( The pin you generated) and paycode
  6. Enter the amount you picked and your phone number
  7. Collect your Cash

GTBank Customers

Follow the steps below to learn how to initiate a cardless withdrawal via Via GTBank Mobile App:

  1. Log on to Mobile Banking with your User ID and Password
  2. Slide your finger on your Mobile phone to display outstanding menu items
  3. Click “Cardless withdrawal” options on the “Banking” module
  4. If you want to withdraw from a GTBank’s ATM machine close to you, click “Cash out (GTBank ATMs)” option
  5. Via The GTBank ATM
  6. Locate any GTBank ATM
  7. Press “Enter” button on the ATM
  8. Select the “Cardless Withdrawal (GT-Rescue)” option
  9. Enter “Reference Code” received on your mobile phone
  10. Enter “ Amount” (This should be same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)
  11. Press “Enter” button to proceed
  12. Collect your Cash

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